From the exhibition text:

For the 'New Me' Sandro Kopp made one selfportrait in front of the mirror every day for 28 days. Sometimes painting the full face, sometimes only working a small section in elaborate detail. The backgrounds are left blank, showing the raw linen canvases. The series is then hung as a single piece in chronological order, seven paintings wide and four high, like the calendar of one lunar month. 

Kopp introspectively scrutinizes his own skill and style as well as his own physiognomy and reflects the daily changes in artistic ability and the subjective re-creation of person and personality in the resulting paintings. In challenging himself to create a multiple, while accepting that the reality of the multiple falls apart as soon as a human touch becomes part of the creation, Kopp demonstrates his inability to re-produce reality accurately and reveals this un-negotiable border as the very origin of the personality of his work. 

Repetitively, stubbornly he keeps approaching the elusive edge of realism, day after day setting himself up for "failure" intentionally, bound by the confines of his chosen tools and materials, as well as the confines of his skill and the authenticity of his creative instincts on the given day. Kopp explores the countless factors why a painter is able to create a work in which his personal aesthetic and technical sensibilities are revealed fully and come together to make a piece of "good art" on a particular day, but not on another day. 

By concentrating an objectifying gaze on himself for a month, Kopp has made a piece of work which shows the impossibility of changelessness within one human. The diversity of personality within the unity of self.


The piece was shown as part of the exhibition Present at HP Garcia Gallery, April 2008